Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 21

Hum Tum Episode 20 Recap

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Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 20


Hum Tum Episode 21 Written Update & Review

This was a fun filled episode with the two families planning for the wedding. Sarim might be a genius but his incessant nagging about the punctuality and rules was a bit much. I live with an obsessive person (that’s me), so I know just how annoying it could be.

Neha and Adam are being cordial to each other as they complete their project. I didn’t much care that Adam thinks Neha is perfect but hey, that’s my hellish bias against Neha. Adam and Neha are supposed to be together, and I can’t stop it. My question is, does Adam know that he might be in love with Neha? And worse, what if Neha realizes that she has been obsessed with Adam since their childhood for a reason? 

Jabar is back to attend Maha’s mehendi ceremony. He suggests for nikaah or engagement of Neha and Sarim. Qutbuddin is shocked, and so is Adam. I guess in the next episode we will have another romance brewing. 

For a rom-com, the romance in the drama has not started yet. We only see promises and hints of it. I think it’s a bit too late now. Also, I felt that this episode was a bit slow. As in, not much happened except the big Mehendi preparations. Make it quick, people!


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Shabana Mukhtar

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Liza Joel says:

    I know! I don’t really like the guy who plays Sarim…Omer Shehzad. it’s almost as if he is brooding… such a turn off for me
    omg yeah this ep of c&s was soooo funny i cannot stop

    1. the “tan jhoom jhoom man jhoom jhoom” i cant stop that scene was just so funny oh my god.. sohail sahab! aap kamal kar diya
    2. then the whole dadi’s glasses and romance scene b/w dada and dr salma OMG AHAHAHHAHAH too good yaar! “Pleasure Pleasure” AHAHHA so GOOD!!
    3. and ofc pari and billu getting jealous of each other’s wallpapers such an awh moment . these two keeps surprising me
    4. dadi pinching billu’s ear AHAHAHAHA its just so funny!

  2. And staying up till 2 am for the epi? That shows commitment. I’m glad I’m not the only one 😃

  3. Yeah, it’s slow. Ep 20 was a bit happening but this one was just “mehendi” hai. I think there will be chemistry because Ahad is so good. That is when the romance happens (if the romance happens, rolling eyes). I mean, just get on with it already. This whole Sarim thing I’m not liking much. And CS I watched twice yday. It was so effing funny.

  4. Liza Joel says:

    is it just me or hum tum is just going REALLLLY slowly. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am certainly enjoying this drama because it’s so light and refreshing but I feel there is a disconnect somewhere.. because from the past track record SAC’s (Saima Akram ch) stories are quite engaging and I looked forward to every ep. I would even stay up until 2 am because that’s when the episode premiers here in Singapore. but now I’m like, ” Eh, I’ll just watch it tomorrow morning. it’s never like OMG I HAVE TO WATCH IT NOW!! you know? but for ch&s I feel that way, I stay up to watch ch&s but not hum tum…

    also, is it weird that by now even adam and Neha’s romance didn’t even start yet? I mean I guess this is why both rams and adam don’t seem to have that much chemistry… but I think when they start to romance, they will have some chemistry there.

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