Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 4

Hum Tum Episode 3 Recap

Neha beats up a guy on the road and that irks Qutbuddin further.


Hum Tum Episode 4 Written Update & Review

Before I cover the ground, I want to make note of something. Sara Khan has always wore modest islamic clothing. Even in Sabaat, her western outfits had full sleeves and high necklines. How come she wears half sleeves in this drama? I was so shocked. 

Alright, let’s come back to episode 4.

Adam and Neha continue to bicker about that scene that Neha has created. Later, Neha orders a large order from Sarmad’s restaurant in Omer’s name (Omer is Adam’s friend). That’s mean. But I’m too old fashioned. People might have liked it, but not me.

Sarmad is always trying to win over Maha by cooking for her, but sadly Maha is a freak about fitness and is constantly counting her calories. 

Okay, the big fat birthday party is finally here. The Qutbuddin family visits Sultan and family. Tamanna Nani and Dada Jaan get along quite well. And the party is going on quite well, but I’m waiting for Neha’s birthday present. It gotta be something evil.


I like that this drama is bending gender stereotypes. Sarmad cooks, Adam puts nail polish on Mili’s cuticles, Mili trains for Karate, Neha is too macho like boys are. I like it.

Dada might be a bit over at times, but I like his swag. Mohammad Ahmad is so natural. This episode wasn’t as good as the previous one but it was alright.


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Shabana Mukhtar