Drama Review | Hum Tum | Episode 7


Hum Tum Episode 7 Written Update & Review

So, the whole family enjoys a nice dinner thanks to Sarmad’s help. Everyone except Qutbuddin knows that it was really Sarmad’s talent. Neha’s “chammach” ki takrar got repetitive and annoying quite fast. Don’t you think?

Despite Neha’s tall promises, Adam tops the final exams, with only two marks. Neha twists this around, and makes it about her and Qutbuddin. It’s time to discuss Neha’s character. She isn’t just an evil genius who can come up with smart plans to outwit Adam, she also nurses a lot of contempt towards her own father. It would be interesting to see when she realizes that Qutbuddin does love and care for her. 

Neha’s wardrobe is nice. Uske saare kurte mujhe chahiye.

The performances of this drama are generally on point, but I feel that Ahad overdoes it a little bit. I mean, working in a rom-com is a tricky business. It could easily go off balance, and it does, only occasionally. His victory dance was funny, though.


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Shabana Mukhtar