Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 3

Alrighty, it’s time to review the third episode of Ibn e Hawwa that aired on February 22.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 3 Written Update

Zahid owes a large sum to a man called Shaikh Saheb. He seeks six more months to repay the debt. Shaikh kinda sorta blackmails Zahid to sew clothes on two days’ short notice. Tch, I understand Zahid’s predicament. But then I don’t stand his behaviour with Nayla. The opening scene at Zahid’s home was quite cringe worthy.
This episode has an interesting twist. Shabratan talks to Ahsan and encourages him to marry Mahjabeen so he would get his hands on all the monies of late Sethi Saheb. I wonder what Shabratan has in it.
Ahsan and her mother are at Zahid’s shop to collect the Sherwani. Ahsan tells her mother that he would only marry Mahjabeen, while her mother kinda sorta does Mahjabeen’s character assassination. I never under why people do that. Even in dramas, it creeps me out. And who discusses things like these at a tailor’s shop? That was so weird.
Ahsan proposes to Mahjabeen, drama ensues, and Ahsan locks himself on the terrace threatening to jump from the terrace. Things get a little out of hand. But then Zahid magically fixes everything. What he tells Guddu, we don’t know, but in short, Zahid has turned Guddu into a misogynist like himself. Ouch! We had two already. Wasn’t that enough?
The episode ends as Zahid realizes that he was too harsh with Nayla but his father’s coughing brings him back to being not so kind Zahid. I am interested to see this sibling dynamics change for good.


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Shabana Mukhtar