Drama Review | Ibn-e-Hawwa | Episode 8

Alrighty, it’s time to review the latest episode of Ibn e Hawwa.

Ibn-e-Hawwa Episode 8 Written Update

So, Shakoor likes Nayla. Zahid sends Shakoor to bring some stuff, and Shakoor takes this opportunity

Zahid comes across like an uncertain, unreliable character. One second, he is pissed at Nayla, the next moment he feels guilty. In the previous episode, Zahid had accused Nayla of receiving gifts from her mother, even though those were gifts from phupho. In this episode, he doesn’t give Shakoor or Nayla a chance to explain anything. He wants to marry off Nayla, and Shakoor wants to marry Nayla. Why could Zahid just listen to them? He is one of the most awful characters, ever. I hope he has a redemption arc, and a good one at that.


So, Zahid is mighty pissed at Shakoor and Nayla, even though they have not done anything wrong. If this wasn’t enough, Zahid comes home to find his mother talking to Nayla.  Bas, he loses his mind. I don’t like how he treats his mother. Parents have a very high place for us muslims, doesn’t he know that? We aren’t even allowed to say “uff” to them, let alone talking rudely and insulting them. What are our dramas teaching us? Crap!


Shabratan had selected a proposal for Mahjabeen (Sufi Saheb), and just when the nikaah is about to take place, Sufi’s first wife barges in and the whole wedding is called off. I don’t know if Shabratan is on Mahjabeen’s side or not. She isn’t sincere, we can see that. I think she is planning to bring Zahid’s proposal for Mahjabeen. This is just a hunch.

Out in the market, people are calling Mahjabeen names, while Zahid thinks ill of Mahjabeen, and all womankind. I hate when the society is shown to put all the blame on the woman. What did Mahjabeen do wrong? All she wanted was to marry a nice chap so she would have a mehram to accompany her on the holy pilgrimage of hajj. I’m so mad, so mad at all those people, even though they are fictitious. But real world is filled with such people.


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Shabana Mukhtar