Drama Review | Meray Humnasheen | Episode 40

GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster
GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster


Meray Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen is a mesmerizing narrative encapsulating the struggle between aspiring dreams, hopes and greed for power.

Khajista is a smart, intelligent girl who belongs to a conservative and traditional family that hails from mountainous areas. Her passion to become a doctor stems from her childhood trauma when she lost her mother early on in life. To revolutionize healthcare services, Khajista is filled with hopes and dreams. On the other hand, Khajista’s cousin Darakhzai is a hot-headed and arrogant man whose backward thinking makes him insecure about Khajista’s higher studies and wishes to keep her under his control.

Coming from an educated and well-off family, Hadi is in his final year of medical school and his composed demeanour makes him highly likeable amongst his batch mates. Studying in the same college, Khajista and Hadi’s first encounter leaves them with mixed feelings for each other.

In a dream of becoming a doctor, will Khajista be able to overcome all the challenges? With constant pressure from her family particularly Darakhzai, will Khajista be able to fulfil her dreams or will she remain caught in the dilemma of love and dreams?

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Writer: Misbah Ali Syed
Director: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment




Meray Humnasheen Episode 40 Written Update and Review

Let’s review this quickly.

Hadi is mourning his loss.

And Sanobar is mourning hers.

Sanobar soon loses her mind. She tells Moray that she killed Darakhzai and how. Moray kicks Sanobar out and the dejected girl seeks shelter outside her house. Gulsher Khan, Sanobar’s father, realizes what Sanobar has done. He meets Saif Khan and seeks his forgiveness.

Saif Khan and Amroz Khan, both are still brokenhearted of losing their beloved Darakhzai. They both let go of Gulsher, as they have submitted their matter in the court of Allah the almighty.

This also clarifies that Behram Khan is innocent as he claimed. Behram Khan and Amroz Khan hug it out.


The doctors 

Aima is trying her best so apologize for what she has done. She doesn’t realize that “apologies” are for mistakes, not for sins, not for crimes. She has ruined Khajista’s future and her reputation. How does one apology from Hadi’s parents fix that? Shouldn’t she be apologizing to Khajista and her family?

Anywho, both Dr Sabika and Dr Shahryar are cold towards Aima. 

I still don’t understand why Aima doesn’t call Khajista. I still don’t understand why these two doctors are so mad at Aima but do nothing to Hassan. He was also equally responsible, don’t you guys remember?

As for Aima, she isn’t as apologetic as she pretends to be. All she wants is to win Hadi, and Hadi doesn’t even look at Aima.

Aima tries to convince Hadi of her love. To which, Hadi says:

Leave me alone.

Yeah, as if Aima would listen to that.

I think that the doctors are all overacting for nothing. Things can be solved with much less drama. As for the Khan’s, I think it’s time for Amroz Khan to marry Khajista, you know for keeping Ghar ki izzat Ghar mein… 

Does that mean we have two more episodes to go? I really hope so.

So long!


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