Drama Review | Meray Humnasheen | Episode 42

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GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster


Meray Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen is a mesmerizing narrative encapsulating the struggle between aspiring dreams, hopes and greed for power.

Khajista is a smart, intelligent girl who belongs to a conservative and traditional family that hails from mountainous areas. Her passion to become a doctor stems from her childhood trauma when she lost her mother early on in life. To revolutionize healthcare services, Khajista is filled with hopes and dreams. On the other hand, Khajista’s cousin Darakhzai is a hot-headed and arrogant man whose backward thinking makes him insecure about Khajista’s higher studies and wishes to keep her under his control.

Coming from an educated and well-off family, Hadi is in his final year of medical school and his composed demeanour makes him highly likeable amongst his batch mates. Studying in the same college, Khajista and Hadi’s first encounter leaves them with mixed feelings for each other.

In a dream of becoming a doctor, will Khajista be able to overcome all the challenges? With constant pressure from her family particularly Darakhzai, will Khajista be able to fulfil her dreams or will she remain caught in the dilemma of love and dreams?

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Writer: Misbah Ali Syed
Director: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment




Meray Humnasheen Episode 42 Written Update and Review

Let’s review this quickly.

A few years have passed by. Hadi is still in America, has become a cardiac surgeon, and is reluctant to go back to Pakistan. Dr Sabika still blames everything on Hassan. Hassan is married and has a three-years old son. The two brothers still don’t see eye to eye.

Haris Waheed looks dashing with glasses, by the way.

So, Khajista is looking for a cardiac surgeon in her hospital. Yes, she runs a hospital in her village. Nobody is willing to move to this village.

The scene cuts to the last scene from the previous episode. Khajista refuses to marry Amroz Khan. This wins Shanzay’s heart. Khajista’s little speech was quite something.

Long story short, Shanzay has a son named Darakhzai and things are alright.

Hassan and his wife are visiting the pahadi ilaqa. The wife falls, hurting herself and Hassan rushes her to the nearest hospital.

Yeah, you guessed it right.

The Darakhzai Hospital

Hassan runs into Khajista.

Hassan tells Khajista that Hadi hasn’t come back to Pakistan because of her. I say, wrong words, Dr Hassan. Khajista is mighty pissed at this accusation.

I didn’t send your brother anywhere, nor am I responsible for your mother’s health, Khajista says.

I’m sure Khajista would get a cardiac surgeon for her hospital in form of Dr Hadi, haha.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The loose ends are being tied neatly. If there weren’t so many flashbacks in previous episode, we could have done with this drama in 42 episodes.

Anywho, liked it so far. Eagerly waiting for the finale.

So long!


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