Drama Review | Meray Humnasheen | Episode 8

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GEO Meray Humnasheen Poster


Meray Humnasheen

Meray Humnasheen is a mesmerizing narrative encapsulating the struggle between aspiring dreams, hopes and greed for power.

Khajista is a smart, intelligent girl who belongs to a conservative and traditional family that hails from mountainous areas. Her passion to become a doctor stems from her childhood trauma when she lost her mother early on in life. To revolutionize healthcare services, Khajista is filled with hopes and dreams. On the other hand, Khajista’s cousin Darakhzai is a hot-headed and arrogant man whose backward thinking makes him insecure about Khajista’s higher studies and wishes to keep her under his control.

Coming from an educated and well-off family, Hadi is in his final year of medical school and his composed demeanour makes him highly likeable amongst his batch mates. Studying in the same college, Khajista and Hadi’s first encounter leaves them with mixed feelings for each other.

In a dream of becoming a doctor, will Khajista be able to overcome all the challenges? With constant pressure from her family particularly Darakhzai, will Khajista be able to fulfil her dreams or will she remain caught in the dilemma of love and dreams?

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Writer: Misbah Ali Syed
Director: Ali Faizan
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment




Meray Humnasheen Episode 08 Written Update and Review

I don’t want to watch Meray Humnasheen

This review is two days too late, and there is a reason for it (other than that I’m a lazy bum). I didn’t want to review it.

Don’t get me wrong.

Meray Humnasheen is a good story, and I do enjoy watching it, but… it has so many track and subplots that it overwhelms me. I also fear that this team has ventured into “too much raita”, aur usko sametne mein bahot time lagega. Kaun janey thik se samet sakte bhi hain ya nahin.


Khajista’s rivals

For instance, Khajista has many people against her.

  • Shanzay hates her thinking Amroz Khan cares more for Khajista than his wife.
  • Sanober hates Khajista because Khajista is engaged to Darakhzai, the man Sanober likes
  • Aima hates Khajista because Hadi gives more attention to the new student than he ever had for Aima
  • Hassan has started a rivalry with Khajista now, first with that bumping in, and then with his cheap and demeaning comment on Khajista.


The pashtoons

Then, we have the pushtoons with their very many issues.

  • Amroz Khan wants a road to be built in their village, but his own brother Darakhzai opposes it.
  • Darakhzai also doesn’t like that Amroz Khan has advocated for Khajista’s medical studies in the city.
  • Behram Khan is against everything that this family does–whether it’s Khajista’s education, or Darakhzai who constantly insults Behram, or the road construction stuff. Behram’s sole purpose of living is to create troubles for Amroz’s family.
  • Shanzay and her on-going scuffle with Amroz Khan–mujhe mera haq kyun nahin dete.

The crazy Doctor’s family

And lastly, we have a crazy doctor’s family. Nobody is normal.

  • Hadi is seemingly perfect, which makes thing look bad for those who aren’t perfect–Hassan. He also has a habit to interfere with Hassan, and his parents. Har jagah pahonch jata hai banda. Hassan isn’t entirely at fault for hating this dude.
  • There are Sabika and Shahryar who are so busy with being doctors that they often ignore their sons. Hadi to nosy hai, but Hassan feels neglected.
  • The biggest reason this drama is almost a “no go” for me. Hear me out, I’m not saying Haris Waheed is the blame. Hassan is a carefully carved character, and Haris Waheed’s brillilant acting has made Hassan even more real–vulnerable and loathsome at the same time. I will go so far to say that his is the best acting in this drama. But… He gives me anxiety. I seek dramas, fiction, any content for that matter, as a means for escapism. I see enough shit in real life. I don’t want to see a character who has perpetualy destructive thoughts. Just can’t.
  • And Aima… She is so annoying, so annoying. Her purpose in life is to marry Hadi, and that’s it. She’s jealous of Khajista only because Hadi may have given her more attention. Why can’t she fight with Hadi? Why does she take her frustration out on Khajista?
    I don’t like her character, and I’m not sure if I can say that I like her. Her eyes… I mean… Don’t they freak you out? Alizey Shah and now Moomal Khalid… Their eyes are too big.

I realize that I haven’t summarized the episode yet. Only two things were significant.

  • Khajista slaps Hassan (and I loved it)
  • Hassan tried to commit a suicide

So long!


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Shabana Mukhtar