Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Cast & Characters

Mere Humsafar | The Poetic Tale Of Hala & Hamza

Mere Humsafar is the life story of Hala, born to a Pakistani father and foreign mother who leaves them after her birth.

Written By: Saira Raza

Directed By: Qasim Ali Mureed

Let’s meet the cast & characters.

Cast & Characters

Sameena Ahmad as Riffat/Dadi

The matriarch of the family, the head of Kashana-e-Riffat

Waseem Abbas as Raees Ahmad

Riffat’s oldest son

Saba Hameed as Shahjahan

Mrs Raees, Badi Bhabhi, Riffat’s niece

Amir Qureshi as Jalees Ahmad

Riffat’s middle son

Aly Khan as Nafees Ahmad

Riffat’s third son, lives in London

Tara Mehmood as Sofia

Chhoti Bahu, Jalees’ wife, Riffat’s niece

Farhan Saeed as Hamza Raees Ahmad

Raees’s son

Young Hamza

Hania Amir as Hala Nafees Ahmad (from episode 2)

Nafees’s only daughter. This little girl looks like young Hania Amir.

Zoya Nasir as Sameen Jalees Ahmad (from episode 3)

Sofia’s daughter

Hira Khan as Roomi Raees Ahmad

Raees’s daughter. Raees loves her a lot, and she used this against everyone, even her own mother



I will add more names as more characters are revealed.

Shabana Mukhtar