Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 10

Mere Humsafar is a new ARY Digital drama starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir as lead and an ensemble cast.

A little Recap of Episode 9

Haala’s marriage is called off, and it opens a pandora box of sorts, of all things evil that could happen to Haala. 

Mere Humsafar Episode 10 Written Update & Review


Shah Jahan is miffed with Haala. She has her reasons, though. Hamza is just too concerned for Haala, too concerned for Shah Jahan’s liking. Hamza is giving all the attention that Haala has always wanted, but he doesn’t know that his attention is causing Haala more trouble. 


Thurram (it’s fun to call Khurram ae Thurram, try it) is struggling to make ends meet and he is contacting various people for financial support. Tch… He didn’t do good to Shafaq or Haala, and it almost feels like a payback for his deeds. He blames his circumstances on Haala. Can you believe that? He has the audacity to blame Haala. I still don’t understand the relevance of this subplot. I hope it makes sense towards the end.


Rumi is flirting with Hashir, the van driver. She pretends to be Sameen, and gives him Haala’s backstory. If she ever gets caught, it will not be her. She is so evil. 



Riffat Begum isn’t well and she’s brought to the hospital. Haala is alone to attend to her, and well… She isn’t too confident of handling things so things go out of hand. I totally agree with Hamza: kaun si sadi mein jee Rahi hai yeh ladki? 

I know I said this in my review of the first episode that this story is dated. If was watching this like twenty years ago, it would have made sense. I don’t think girls like Haala exist today, which is why Hania’s performance impresses me. I mean… Where is she drawing the inspiration from? From a 90’s drama?


Long story short, she calls home for help and conveniently it’s Hamza who picks up the call. He rushes to the hospital to be with Haala… To be with Riffat Begum, I meant. Gosh, this is so tricky 🙂


“Mohabbat ke hone ka koi waqt thori hota hai, ” Haala says.


Aur bas phir Hamza ko ho gayi mohabbat!


Shah Jahan is such a liar. She lies to Nafees and tells him that Haala refused to marry Naveed. Does this woman have no fear? 




Haniya Amir has acted so well as dari sehmi ladki who can’t even speak properly. The only thing that she has done on her own without any worries was having that affair with Khurram, but I guess she was only doing that to get away from her situation.


Farhan Saeed, oh goodness… Someone turn on the air conditioner. He is so hot… Dude can act well, and in this drama he has looked so good. He looks even better in Badshah Begum… Hot 🔥



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Shabana Mukhtar