Drama Review | Mere Humsafar | Episode 37

Mere Humsafar is ARY Digital drama starring Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir as lead and an ensemble cast.

Mere Humsafar Episode 37 Written Update & Review

Baby, Baby, Babyyy… Ohhh!

This episode was so bleh that  I had to stop midway, rub my eyes and scream into my pillow.

Haala thinks that Hamza is only concerned about the baby and not her. So, that’s where I stopped watching the drama.

The whole “baby” talk is getting to me. I mean… I haven’t seen an unborn child being the reason for so many and so often rifts between the parents. This is just so argh!


Rumi in a Soup

The track that caught my attention was Rumi’s. She has gotten engaged (even though she is married to Waqas). The in-laws want an early wedding, so they plan to bring the baraat the next week. Hmmm, how would Rumi put the wedding off? It’s not like she can’t marry again. 

Now, our dear Vikki is at a restaurant enjoying dinner with friends. One of the friends pulls out his phone and shows a photo to Waqas. Yes, engagement snaps… Rumi is seen sitting next to her fiance. Waqas loses his temper (nice expression by this dude who plays Waqas) and calls Rumi for a clarification.

Amidst all the chaos for the engagement, Rumi has the time to come to her room and talk to Waqas.

Waqas: I’m coming to your place right now with my parents.

Rumi: No, you can’t do this. This engagement is just to get my mother off my case.

The scene cuts to Waqas’ house. His mother is crying, his father is pacing anxiously. Waqas has hit someone with his car, and is sent off to Dubai (or some other location? I wasn’t really paying much attention). Waqas’ phone is also taken away.  

Now, when Rumi will call Waqas to inform about the urgent nikaah, nobody would pick up the phone. Or, Waqas’ father will pick up the phone and deny all allegations Rumi has against Waqas.

Rumi is going to be in a soup. 

Sameen’s Celebrations

Sameen is still celebrating her results, so is Sofia. Of all the flowers and gifts that have come, Sofia picks the one that is from Khurram.

“Why is he sending you this card and chocolates?” Sofia asks.

I mean… Come on… They were in the same college/uni, right? Why can’t he send her flowers and a card and a box of chocolates? They were also engaged to be married once. Sofia is a bit inconsiderate at times, I think. That been said, why don’t we question when a boy and a girl are shown to have “friendship”, huh? Where does our moral censor go that time?

Confused, that’s what we are. 

Just like the story of this drama.


I’m cutting down on my screen time, and my drama intake. This drama has become so blah, not that it had much spark to begin with. Since I haven’t watched a few episodes in between during July 2022 and August 2022; I think I can easily park this one aside. I had picked it back up, because I thought it would end on Episode 40 (3 loooooong episodes away). But it has become so repetitive and annoying that I can’t bear it.

As of now, I don’t think I would be reviewing the further episodes. Shah Jahan says: Mera bachha, Haala says: Mera bachha….

Yeh bachha bachha kya hai? Yeh bachha bachha? 

Farhan Saeed and Hania Amir do a great job of playing characters that you would want to just shake up and say: get a hold of life. But their performances alone can’t make me watch this drama. Not any more.


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Shabana Mukhtar