Drama Review | Mor MoharaN | TV One | Episode 4

Mor Moharan is a new drama serial at TV One that started airing on May 10, 2022.


Production : TV One

OST : Mor Moharan

Singer : Amanat Ali

Composer: Naveed Nashad

Lyrics; Khalil ullah Farooqui

Director: Owais Khan

Editor : Jibran Maniar

Dop : Zulfiqar Ali

Writer: Ali Moeen

Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan

 [Source: TV One YouTube channel]

Mor MoharaN Episode 4 Written Update & Review

Sikandar hates Sher Alam with passion. I think he likes Rohi just as much as he dislikes Sher  Alam. The problem is, that Almas doesn’t see that Sikandar is almost obsessed with Rohi already. He even tells his father that he is in love.



Sikandar has hired a set of guards and driver. This is just to be rid of  Sher Alam? What does he have against the most obedient servant? 


The episode ends as Gardezi shoots a deer. 



Mustafa is handsome, and he flirts so well. Rohi flirts back, and I’m like, chal kya raha hai? Does she like Sikandar, too?



This drama has too many passing shots: dancer is dancing forever, Almas walking, Malook getting down from the car and walking to the table, Sikandar and Rohi walking around the palace. Kitna koi time waste kiya hai, kitna koi drag kiya drama ko. 



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