Drama Review | Paristan | Episode 9


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Paristan Episode 9 Written Update & Review

This episode is about clearing a few understandings. Mehreen learns that Azar isn’t with that girl she once saw him with. At the same time, Pari learns that Shehzeen (Arsam’s friend’s sister) is in fact getting engaged to her boyfriend. Now, Mehreen and Pari, dono ke dil mein laddoo phoot rahe hain. Both are hopeful of their bright future. 


Arsam is quite unpredictable, though. Two episodes back, he was all sweet and polite to Pari, was even thinking about her but now he’s back to his old ways. 

Kamali and his love story with Arzoo “ji” isn’t getting anywhere anytime soon. In the previous episode, I had liked that Kamali’s mother is a bring pragmatic and not looking for a “chande aaftaab, chandeahtaab” dulhan for her not-so-bright son. In this episode, though, I felt she took it a bit too far. Her comments could hurt Kamali. Being pragmatic and practical is one thing, being rude and insulting is different. Aunty ji, hath haula rakhein. 

I feel that Ujala and Babar’s love story will have one little conflict towards the end–Arsam’s proposal for Ujala on dadi’s behalf. So far, their story has no hiccups along the way. Lekin life itni aasaan nahin hoti na?

This episode wasn’t very interesting. I mean, most of the things were arround Arsam and Shehzeen. The rest of it was just clearing misunderstanding about Azar and Arsam. 


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Shabana Mukhtar


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