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Rang Mahal Episode 3 Recap

Hajra hates Mahapara, and Mahapara doesn’t get the hint. Maheen, Hajra’s friend has a thing for Sohail, or so I think. This episode will tell me if my prediction is right.

Rang Mahal Episode 4 Written Update and Review

Maheen tells Hajra that Sohail and Mahapara are too close. The truth is that they just hugged each other. Maheen is that toxic friend you don’t neede in life.
Hajra is so upset with this news, so upset that she is ready to call off the wedding. This prove me right. Maheen is just too jealous of Hajra, and wants to marry Sohail. Khaleda Begum isn’t all naive. She has noticed everything, and she also tells Hajra the same. The wedding is still on, people.
I like Raed takes a stand for Mahapara, again. This time he is serious, and he calmly explains her how important Mahapara is. Raed might be a bit self-obsessed, but he is a man of principles. And we like it. Hajra isn’t pleased, to say the least. Whatever she says about Mahapara, it enrages Raed. Now, will he just pretend to like Mahapara to annoy Mahapara?
This episode raises a bit question in my head. Does Sohail like Mahapara? Or did he just remember about his ex watching Mahapara’s mehendi?
I was so glad to finally watch a few more episodes of Rang Mahal. I think I’m gonna like it, even though it’s a bit repetitive. Mahapara naukrani hai, nahin Mahapara hamare ghar ki ek fard hai. That whole nonsense has gone on for far too many times already. But Raed comes out as an interesting character, so I’m hoping I will enjoy the drama.


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    if i reveal to you then mazaa nhi hai… watch the later eps, then you’ll know.. *wink wink*

  2. Hahaha… Btw, which observation are you talking about? Maheen or Sohail or Raed?

  3. liza says:

    i must say, you’re an excellent observer (like me HAHAHA)

    abhi toh party shuru hui hai