Drama Review | Yeh Raha Dil | Episode 11

A little recap of episode 10

So, Zaki likes Hayat, ahem, but both of them are too confused about their feelings.

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 11 written update and review

Nida wants to have Hayat killed because she thinks that Hayat is stealing Zaki from him. Really? She isn’t just your sister. She’s a human being, and you ain’t no killer. I like how Jimmy mocks Nida for trying to be a don. In other words, she tries to knock some sense into Nida’s head. Jimmy promises to help, but I am not sure if he’s genuinely interested in seeing Nida with Zaki.
Afaq wants to give his marriage another chance. He cancels all his meetings to be with Fatima, his wife.
That’s not all. He’s a changed man and he proved so by trying his best to help Hayat financially. He even offers to create a vacancy, to increase salary for Hayat. I like that madam (her name is not disclosed) suggests Afaq to “discuss” things instead of buying things for Hayat.
Hassan is the new counsellor who joined in Hayat’s place. Their first meeting was funny. Yeh idiot idiot kya hai? Haha…
I don’t understand Zaki. He is planning to marry Nida even though he has feelings for Hayat. Shouldn’t he break it off with Nida first?


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Shabana Mukhtar