Drama Review | Yeh Raha Dil | Episode 14

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 14 written update and review

Zaki asks Jimmy to talk to Nida on his behalf and break it up. But on the good side, she does give up on Hayat’s house. Is this for good or just a ploy, I can’t tell. But this girl is talented. She has portrayed this character so well. Snobbish and spoilt.


Hayat breaks down in front of Sidra which madam also overhears. Both Sidra and madam are concerned. Would Hayat admit to being in love with Zaki?

Madam talks to Hayat, and tells her about Afaq. I like her character, but she should have been named at least.


Hassan is so snarky… Always complaining. This whole thing is only for comedic relief but it borders on annoying.

The best scene of this episode is the conversation between Zaki and Haroon, funny yet touchy. Ahmad Ali Akbar is so talented. He’s so charming as a confused helpless man in love.


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Shabana Mukhtar