Drama Review | Yeh Raha Dil | Episode 2

A little recap of episode 1

Hayat is trying hard to get her novel published, while Zaki is fighting with his parents to agree to his marriage with Nida, a model

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 2 written update and review

Salman’s wife doesn’t like his friendship with Hayat. Why does Hira choose such greyish roles? Salman is also the shadiest person ever. And the moment he says he has bought tickets to Nepal, I knew what’s happening.

Okay, now scroll to the bottom of this page and search for Iliski Durumu: Kirasik or Relationship Status: Complicated or Main Aysegul. This is how the story begins. Efe and Ece, Aysegul’s friends dup her.



Edited: I checked the wikipedia page, and this drama acknowledges to be based on the Turkish series Main Aysegul. I have lost the excitement already. But, I’ll watch it nonetheless.

Nida’s designer friend Jimmy asks Nida to postpone the wedding. He self-invites for the dinner. While Jimmy tries to convince that Nida isn’t right for Zaki, Haroon tries to convince that Zaki isn’t right for Nida. Two people trying the same thing, results are good.

Alright, enough for tonight.


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Shabana Mukhtar



  1. She really has… She was so good in HKKST. My mom still calls her Mashal… 😀

  2. liza says:

    it’s a spiritual prequel, so yeah another pashtun story .. the characters are all in different avatars but this was a huge hit back then and apparently had good messaging so that’s why… people say sang e mar mar was better than sang e mah so i’m giving this a shot…

    also this was kubras acting debut and i have to say she has come a long long way

  3. sang-e-mar-mar, is it like a prequel to sang-e-mah or just another pashtoon story?

  4. liza says:

    nope, but i want to watch the baraat series, i heard great things about it !! soon, inshallah .. but right now im watching sang e mar mar so maybe after that? i also want to watch o rangreza again. that drama was a masterpiece

  5. I know, I’m not going to give up now that I have drafted posts for all 28 episodes 😀

    I will watch it for the rom-com value of it, because I loved Aysegul. I’m sure Hayat will live upto Aysegul’s image.

    Romcoms are so hard to find. I keep watching a few that I’ve already seen. Have you watched Baraat series? Gem! Vassay Chaudhari is a genius

  6. liza says:

    okay, don’t lose excitement yet!! i agree the first and second episode is only similar but 2-26 onwards, it’s their original story, it’s just inspired from the turkish/korean series, just wait and watch 🙂

    also mustafa afridi wrote this so you can imagine how the dialogues are going to be. just watch it with a fresh pair of eyes, you wont be disappointed i assure you 🙂

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