Drama Review | Yeh Raha Dil | Episode 8

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 8 written update and review

Nida’s parents are coming to meet Zaki’s family, only for a day. Her father looks like a lost poet, and her mother is someone who just hates things in general. Haroon isn’t too happy about Nida’s tall claims about Hayat’s house being hers. I like Haroon. He is so sorted.


And then comes the big twist. Nida’s father is also Hayat’s father.


That’s not the only shock. Nida’s parents have planned to divorce.


Fantastic acting yaar… I’m growing fond of this drama and this couple. That hurt look on Zaki’s face when Hayat said: “khud ko bech dungi”. That scene will live in my heart forever.


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Shabana Mukhtar