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Hook: Roses And Thorns—Love And Revenge

The story of Hook revolves around the intense emotions of love and revenge. The conflict arrives when Shaheer comes in between Haya and Zayan.

Sometimes your love is not enough for life to go straight. People with terrible intentions will try their best to drag you down. Standing against the wind will be difficult for you when life will go out of bounds.

Written By: Shagufta Bhatti and Shahid Dogar

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza

[Source: ARY Digital Website]

Cast & Characters

Faysal Qureshi Jaafar Ilahi

An influential person in the town having links with bureaucrats and politicians. He is arrogant and can do anything for his family and values.

Shahroz Sabzwari as Shaheer Ilahi

Jaafar’s younger brother. He is equally arrogant and is in one-sided love with a girl named Haya. Since Haya doesn’t love him back, he is planning to go to any lengths to get her.

Hina Dilpazeer as Amma Jaan

Jaafar’s mother

Saima Noor as Maimoona

Jaafar Ilahi’s first wife. They were cousins once, and Jaafar’s father forced Jaafar to marry the older cousin because of khaandaan and whatnot.

Mariam Ansari as Resham

Jaafar’s sister

Kinza Hashmi as Haya

Haya belongs to a middle-class family and lives with her elder sister after the death of her parents. Haya is in a relationship with Zayan and is looking for ways to get away from Shaheer’s sight.

She was Shaheer’s love interest at first, and later forced to marry Jaafar when Shaheer died.

Natasha Ali as Safiya

Haya’s sister

Sohail Sameer as Aziz

Safiya’s perpetually angery husband, Haya’s brother-in-law

Mirza Zain Baig as Zayan

Haya’s cousin/beau. He is the only son of a well-off family. He is emotional and gets offended by the way Shaheer is meddling in their love story.

Waseem Abbas as Saleem

Zayan’s father

Humaira Bano

Zayan’s mother


Zayan’s widowed cousin


Jaafar’s right hand man


Jaafar’s political ally

Taqi Ahmed

Zayan’s friend


Aziz’s neighbour


I will add more characters as I go along.

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