Hook | Episode 7


Hook: Roses And Thorns—Love And Revenge

The story of Hook revolves around the intense emotions of love and revenge. The conflict arrives when Shaheer comes in between Haya and Zayan.

Sometimes your love is not enough for life to go straight. People with terrible intentions will try their best to drag you down. Standing against the wind will be difficult for you when life will go out of bounds.

Written By: Shagufta Bhatti and Shahid Dogar

Directed By: Mohsin Mirza

[Source: ARY Digital Website]

Hook Episode 7 Written Update & Review

Amma and Maimoona are curious how Shaheer punished Haya and Zayan. This family is so crazy. They all think that they are justified in ruining someone’s life for a guy’s silly one-sided love.

Haya is kicked out, and Safiya also accompanies her. Naeem bhai, a good neighbour, takes them home. Later, when Safiya comes home, Aziz is furious at Safiya and even maligns her name with Naeem.

Zayan repeatedly asks Haya for a nikaah (pehle kar liya hota toh yeh naubat nabin aati). Haya ends up telling him about her nikaah.

Sahi hai!


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