Kuch Ankahi | Episode 11


Kuch Ankahi is a modern day and light-hearted drama that is full of messages. The drama discusses issues relating to women’s legal & religious right to property, harassment at workplace, pressurizing girls for marriage, etc.

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In Kuch Ankahi, we follow the family of Agha Ji and her three daughters Aliya, Tania, and Samia. His eldest daughter is Samia, while his youngest daughter is Tania. As a family caregiver, Aliya supports her father in handling his financial issues. In this dramatic story, you will find many twists and turns that will leave you amazed by what you are going to discover.

Writer: Mohammed Ahmed

Director: Nadeem Baig

Kuch Ankahi Episode 11  Written Update and Review 

So, this episode was a mixed bag of emotions as usual. At first there is a long fun scene we Salman makes the family come together for a dholki and celebrate just a tad bit so Samia doesn’t feel awful.

Nikah and rukhsati were the emotional affairs, especially the worried look on Agha Ji’s face as Samia sits in the car. Tch, marvellous.

Another scene that was a mix of funny and emotional was nikaah as Salman and Aliya both wipe their tears together.

The creepiest scene was when Shagufta comes to give Saif Ur Rehman a sherwani ordering him to wear it. It is, however, the shot after Saif Ur Rehman leaves that stood apart. The look on Shagufta’s face… It was like she’s swallowing her tears, her pride, her urge to scream at the top of her lungs. Imagine this, the man you love is marrying someone else and you can’t do anything except smile, be brave and probably be sadist… What a performance… I love Uroosa Siddiqui always but this one is one of her finest performances.

Another fun and tense scene was when Shagufta makes a dramatic entry in the nikaah ceremony. She is unabashed. She meets Samia, invites shee over for dinne, tells Sufia to ask Zareena about who Shagufta is… Long story short, she comes across as a confident woman who hasn’t lost the battle even though the man she loves is married to someone else.



This isn’t all. I have many more things to say but I’m travelling, my shoulder hurts and I can’t hold my phone for long. So, wait for more on this episode.

So long!


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