Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri | Episode 3

Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri is a new 2023 Pakistani drama. The first episode aired on Friday, 28th April 2023. It stars relatively new talents Khushhal Khan and Dananeer Mobeen as leads.

Written By: Rahat Jabeen

Directed By: Shahid Shafaat

Produced By: Momina Duraid Productions

Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri Episode 3 Written Update and Review

The episode starts as Zobia and Rushna are talking.

Rushna: Kabhi kabhar ek zara sa ghalat qadam uthh jane par insan munh ke bal gir jata hai. 

Rushna handles the situation well, she even convinces Samina to keep under the wraps and not say a word to Sarmad. 


Things aren’t well for Saim. He’s arrested. Samina and Sajeda come to talk to Faiqa, being the perfect neighbour. This was slightly different from the novel because these two families weren’t so friendly with each other. 


Shaheer’s father is the DSP and that’s why Saim is treated so roughly. The friend’s circle 


You will stay away from Zobia, Ibrahim tells Saim. 

Right at that moment, Zobia comes to see Saim.

Ibrahim: Haven’t you done enough? Leave!

Disheartened, Zobia leaves and Saim follows. 

I liked Zobia’s dress, but I didn’t know how she had time or mood to do a French knot. 

Saim threatens to do “something” if his parents tell Zobia’s parents about the truth behind the arrest.  


The college begins. Zobia can’t stop thinking about Saim, even thinking of when she would hear the three magical words. 


Saim is also back to college and mingling with his friends. Ali shows the screenshots of Zobia and Shaheer’s chat. The two way chat upsets Saim to no limits.

And then comes the moment when Saim does confess his love. 

Saim: You aren’t the girl who I once loved. You aren’t the girl I fought for. I’m beginning to hate you. Don’t ever show your face to me. I might kill you.

And the episode ends as Zobia stands there with tears in her eyes and a shocked expression on her face. 

Itni jaldi dil toot gaya… And this is just the beginning. Abhi toh lambi story baqi hai. I will try to find the link of the novel and share the same, just give me one more day. 

So long!


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Shabana Mukhtar