Alif Episode 3

The third episode of the most awaited drama is live and here’s my review for the same.

Plot Summary

Abdul Alaa gifts Momin another painting for his birthday, a ritual of sorts.

Jehangir needs dialysis. He had been a popular child artist but he cannot act anymore because he’s sick. His other kidney is failing, too, and Momina still hasn’t managed to earn the money.


At the clinic, she meets another girl, who has already lost his older brother and her younger one is also on dialysis. If that wasn’t enough, their landlord asks to vacate the house.

Momina meets Daud, hoping she would apologize to Momin and get the part.

مجھے اس وقت شہرت اور پیسوں کی ضرورت ہے، داؤد۔ عزت میری اب ترجیح نہیں رہی۔

The scene changes to Turkey and Momin returns from the park and sees Husn-e-Jahan being taken to a hospital. Husn-e-Jahan brings Momin’s letter box home. They return to Pakistan and they abuse her.

Shakoor suggests that Momin should get married. There is a heart to heart conversation between Momin and Abdul Alaa about being happy and we hear some of the best lines by Umera.

We see Momina and Jehangir practicing. Momina is selected for Hollywood movie.

The episode ends with Momin questioning himself if his standards of being ‘happy’, about right and wrong.


When Momina meets the girl at the clinic, she realizes that her pain is still lesser. Isn’t it true for all of us? We realize our true blessings when we see someone who’s suffering more.

Shakoor says salaam to Momin in the morning. The lifestyle he has, I wondered how that works. Shakoor brings comedic relief to this story. He opens one secret after the other and claims that he doesn’t share secrets.

I liked that when Abdul Alaa meets Neha, he’s holding a cup of tea, the way Turks drink tea. For a costume designer, Neha isn’t as immaculately dressed as one would hope.



Hamza looks terrific and he acts so well. This role was written for him.
Nida Mumtaz is rude and loud, just the way I had imagined Husn-e-Jahan’s mother when I read her.
Saleem Mairaj does a commendable job of conveying that he loves her, using just his eyes.

پیسہ بنانا نہیں آیا سلطان کو۔ خود کو سلطان ہی سمجھتا رہا۔

On side note

I watched Pehlaj’s YouTube show. The boy is oh cute. He certainly can act.

See you in next review.

Shabana Mukhtar