Book Review: Mohabbat Dil Pe Dastak

I am on a reading spree for past two weeks, and hence not so much of blogging.

Last week was a little draining. It was physically exhausting, and left me emotionally vulnerable. I therefore opted for the good old therapy – reading.

I don’t recall correctly and I have not kept track. Roughly, I’ve read six or seven English Books and not less than ten Urdu ones. All fiction, of course. With that, let’s continue the review writing spree.

I added this book “Mohabbat Dil Pe Dastak” to my goodreads shelf yesterday. I also rated it, thinking that I must have read it. I hadn’t.

I started reading it yesterday evening and finished in one go. All 560 pages of it.
No, it wasn’t that good. I just wanted to get to the end, and skipped through a few pages that I felt were repetitive.

It is a mashup of love stories. What I liked the most is humor, which sounded a lot like Toota Hua Taara. In fact, I always confused the two – Iffat Sehr Tahir and Sumaira Shareef Toor. Their writing styles and stories feel very similar to me.

Apart from some rib tickling humor, there was no new element, and 560 pages for that is a bit too long. But I get it, if it is written and published episode-wise, repetition and length is sort of given.

With this, four down, a lot more reviews to come.
Happy Reading!
Shabana Mukhtar



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