Daasi Episode 10: All Hell Breaks Lose

Let’s review the 10th episode of Daasi. Things are finally happening. Aliya has lost her mind and is being ‘brave’ so to speak.

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes. Because, how else would you know them? Let’s know the characters, their backstories and how they are related.

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Plot Summary & My rant

The episode begins where the previous one ended.

Rubab accuses Sunehri of being a gold digger but Sunehri doesn’t take shit from her.

Aahil interrupts their conversation, gives Rubab a piece of his mind and walks out, with a statement “I hope we won’t meet again.”

Rubab then plays the victim as Sunehri is all mushy again. I don’t sympathize with Rubab but Hina Khwaja Bayat nails the part of being a vulnerable mother.

Aahil is upset, just as we expect. Sunehri tried to make him talk but he’s being the angry young man. I remember Mani’s interview with Two Minutes with Faiza Saleem.
Faiza asked him, “Is there is a role he could have done better?”

Mani said, “Adeel’s role in Ho Mann Jahan. I call him Adeel Naraz.”

I loved that comment. I like Adeel’s acting but he is a bit too serious.

Mujtaba leaves for godown and Aliya looks resolute to do or die.

She comes to confront Aahil, blames everyrhing on him as she has all sorts of illusions in her head.

Aahil says, “Pagal ho gayi hai yeh…”
She warns him, “Ab main karungi tumhe Pagal.”

Faryal has given her best performance so far… She plays the perfect obsessed love-struck girl, who lives in a world of dream and is heartbroken when dreams shatter, and illusions break.

That night, each of them are restless and worried about the consequences of the incident. Sunehri recalls every word that Aahil has said, that is evidence of his love for Sunehri, and not Aliya.

اگر تم نہ ہوتیں تو میں کبھی اپنے آپ کو تلاش نہیں کر پاتا۔

تمہیں مجھ تک پہنچنا آتا ہے۔

اور اگر میں کہوں کہ میں کبھی نہیں جانا چاہتا، تو؟

She has understood every thing, every confusion but decided to sacrifice for her friend. She pretends to fight with him, but eventually caves to the true love that they both feel for each other. That, and Aahil’s words that I swear on my father.

میرا یقین آنے والے طوفان کو روک سکتا ہے؟

اگر تمہارا ساتھ ہو تو میں سب کر سکتا ہوں۔

Mujtaba is the ever loving elder brother and Aliya flatly refuses to marry Aadil, talks rudely and boldly. Mujtaba loses his cool and says:

اس گھر سے لاش بھی نکلے گی تو عادل کے نام کی نکلے گی۔

Why would you give her ideas?

That girl is a maniac and just isn’t listening to anything.

Mujtaba talks to Aadil, talks about being without parents and insists on getting them married as soon as possible.

Sunehri and her mother discuss Aahil, his mother and their possible conflict.

Aliya comes to Aahil’s room again, and acts like crazy.

She even threatens him, and Sunehri overhears everything. Ab to qurbani deni paregi.

Mujtaba asks Aliya about the guy for which she’s so insistently refusing to marry Aadil, and she says. Ha!

Until next review, stay tuned!

Shabana Mukhtar