Daasi | Episode 22

Let’s review the 22nd episode of Daasi.  Read previous episodes’ reviews.

Plot Summary & Review

Khaleda asks Sunehri to marry Shahabuddin. She’s reluctant at first but agrees for her sick mother.

Aadil tries to contact Aahil, giving us viewers hope that he would interrupt the marriage just in time.

Rasheda, the rishtey wali aunty wants to leave asap. There is a bit of arguement between her and Shahabuddin. Khaleda overhears the conversation and yet the next scene shows everyone gathered around for nikaah.

What mother would do that? A strategic mother. She has already asked Sunehri to escape, asking her to seek help from Aadil, who has earlier promised to act 

Aliya doesn’t let her talk to Aadil. Aadil finally comes to get her but drops her phone. Damn! Nafisa Khatoon is going out of town. So, where does he take her? Aahil’s house.

Shahabuddin finds out that it was Khaleda who has helped Sunehri escape. He threatens her in all sorts of ways. Poor Khaleda.

Waqt ko ilzam dene wale mazloom nahin, kamzor nahin hote.

Aahil is mad at her, but only let’s her stay because Aadil requests him to, even though he doesn’t believe in the story.

Nonetheless, he let’s her stay and also tries to avoid her confrontation with Rubab. Not for long, though. Rubab sees Sunehri the next morning.

Parting Thoughts

The man who was worried about his missed namaaz is making false accusation against Sunehri. It is saddening.

Shabana likes. It wasn’t a very shocking twist but thank goodness Sunehri didn’t marry Shahbuddin. I would have stopped watching the drama if that ha

That’s was my take on this episode. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar