Daasi | Episode 28

Episode 28 of Daasi begins as Sunehri is doing Aahil’s bandages as she weeps. Now, finally, they both confess their feelings, without words.

Aahil warns Rubab to behave with Sunehri. Rubab still stands strong even though Aahil knows enough to suspect her involvement.

Tauqeer’s conversation with Irma and then Rubab, is so cringy. Who talks like that?

Irma has no power over Aahil, so she targets the easier option – Sunehri. She meets Sunehri, taunts her, tells her that Aahil has sympathy for Sunehri. Sunehri has already heard that from Rubab. Will she leave Aahil’s house. I hope not.

Even though the circumstances point at Rubab, Aahil unnecessarily loses his temper when Shahabuddin puts the blame on Rubab. Kyu bhai?

Aliya gets her redeeming point. Aahil and Aadil need proof to capture Shahabuddin and Aliya offers to be a witness.

Sunehri is leaving, Aahil stops her, they fight and Sunehri breaks his heart. He finally says that he will divorce Sunehri after Shahabuddin is convicted.

And, that breaks Sunehri’s heart. Just admit that you want to be together, damn it.

Adeel Hussain was so far an extremely dependable actor. He has hammed a lot in this one. Not impressed.

Mawra Hocane also has a one tone acting – angry, yelling, blah.

I think next episode will be the finale episode.

Shabana Mukhtar