Daasi – Episode 4

Alright, it is time to review the fourth episode of Daasi.

Before you proceed, please read my review of previous episodes.

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Plot Summary & My rant

Aahil and Sunehri are going to the hospital when Tauqeer and Rubab see them. How convenient!

Aahil’s blood group matches with Sunehri’s mother and he donates blood for her.  

Mujtaba is unnecessarily mean to Aadil. On the other hand, Aliya is trying to woo Aahil. It is evident that these siblings are going to create a mess in this story.

Rubab sees Aahil with Sunehri again and must have interpreted the truth as convenient. On the other hand, Tauqeer continues to poison Rubab’s mind against Aahil. 

Sunehri doesn’t find it in herself to apologize so she makes him a nice dinner. 

 The episode ends as Sunehri opens the door to see Rubab standing in the door. Ha!

Final Words

The love story is full of cliches so far.

  1. An accident of someone close to heroine
  2. The hero donating blood, because the hospitals are always short on blood for that blood group.
  3. This act of courage (donating blood), in turn, softens heroine’s heart for the hero and the animosity disappears into thin air

I think it is safe to predict that Rubab will force Sunehri to either marry him or use her to manipulate Aahil. 

What do others think of this episode? Please leave comments. Until next review, stay blessed.

Shabana Mukhtar