Daasi Episode 8: Confusion and More Confusion

I am here with my review of 8th episode of Daasi. There’s just so much of unnecessary confusion.

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Plot Summary & My rant

The episode opens as Sunehri is venting out her frustration about Mujtaba’s proposal.

Mujtaba is continuously thinking about Sunehri’s reaction. He talks to Aliya but she flatly refuses of any link between them.

Aliya keeps sketching for Aahil but Aahil attributes the sketches to Sunheri, who, he thinks, has fallen in love with him.

Aadil arrives at Mujtaba’s place to repair TV and talks to Aliya but she doesn’t listen.

Ammi brings a smartphone as she had asked for.


Sunehri sides with Aahil with all her might. But Mujtaba insists that Aahil needs to prove his innocence.

Indeed, Sunehri has a point. If Aahil was the culprit, why wouldn’t he run away? Intrigued, Mujtaba arrives at his workplace and finds out the truth. Look at those expressions.


He realizes his mistake and regrets his actions. Or, so it seems. He tells Aadil that he is willing to give Aahil his job back if he apologizes.

Tauqeer and Rubab are discussing about a new tender but Rubab doesn’t budge.

Hopefully, Aahil will find out about the sketcher soon.

Parting Thoughts

I must mention Mujtaba’s great acting and sharp reactions. He’s the best performer so far. Mawra and Faryal are loud but he gets the tone just right.

By the way, Sunehri’s sketching skills are just as bad as mine. Eheheh!


So, that was the review. I will see you in next post. Allah Hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar

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