Deewar-e-Shab Episode 22 – Finally, Zartaj Makes An Entry

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 22.

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The episode begins with Joya’s engagement. And, this is how Joya has come for the engagement. I mean, this is the same girl I saw with her dupatta wrapped around her in almost all scenes. I’m just surprised.

Zoobiya tries to instigate Joya against her engagement but Joya plays the goody two shoes, unwilling to share Izhar’s threats. Shakera and Gul are disappointed with Aijaz and his family display of wealth. Greedy people!

Izhar brings sweets to Islam, talks briefly and leaves. Everyone is devastated except Shaista.

Ma’az talks to Sajid and his mother. Sajid promised to study and work at the same time. Shaista is stone hearted and expects Ma’az to be unperturbed by Joya’s engagement.
Rabia visits Joya but Joya acts strong, as though nothing has happened. In the living room, Shakera and Izhar try every trick in the book to humiliate Shaista. Shaista is a woman on mission. She is so happy with Joya’s engagement that she doesn’t mind listening to their taunts.

Salaar is out of touch and the entire family is worried about him. Salaar arrives just in time.

So, he talks to Gaiti about Khayyam and Feroza. I think Feroza flashback was totally unnecessary. I mean, we know what happened, right.

Khayyam is preparing for the wedding and to leave soon after it. Chanda elopes just before wedding. After a heartwarming talk between Khayyam and Babu Shaukat, he stays again. Bhai, ja yahan se.

Shirazi is back with an offer for Almas’ show. I think it will eventually become a scheme to ruin Sitara’s reputation, again.

Dildar’s chaubara is noisy and filled with nuisance people. Sitara is disturbed and goes to talk to Dildar in the morning.

Enters Zartaj… She’s Yousuf’s sister and lives in Australia. She has married again, to her secretary, Nabeel.


Shahzad Shaikh never looks bad but he looks so handsome in this one. Sara is pretty but her eyes are too made up. Please also read my review of Alif Episode 6.
Until next review, remember in your prayers and stay blessed!

Shabana Mukhtar