Deewar-e-Shab Episode 23

This is my review of Deewar-e-Shab episode 23. Things are progressing at a rapid pace as the drama nears the end.

Please read about the cast and characters.

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Plot Summary

The episode opens as Khayyam talks to Raju trying to make amends. Raju apologizes. At least one of the track is resolved. Let’s send Khayyam back to his house, please?


Sitara scolds Dildar for ruining the reputation of their family. but, Dildar is chikna ghada and doesn’t give a damn.

Yusuf’s wife Sameena bickers about Zartaj. There are too many tiffs. Zartaj hates her sister in law, Sameena hates Zartaj and is angry at Yusuf hung up on her, she talks rudely to Zoobiya, asking her to control what she eats lest she would put weight.
Zoobiya reply is awesome.

I don’t care cuz I don’t plan to remarry like you and phupho.

Shaista and Rabia narrate the story that happened at Izhar’s. Ma’az is initially unperturbed but gets upset when he hears, “Joya doesn’t care about Ma’az anymore.”

Nageena is mad at Sandal because she was looking at Dildar and Co’s departure for the airport. It gave Dildar an opportunity to show off again. There is a showdown between mother daughter duo where Sandal blames every thing on Nageena.


Nageena and Sitara tell her, in indirect words, that they don’t trust Dildar, as she was the one who helped elope Feroza.

Sandal and Gaiti talk to each other and Gaiti tries to knock some senses in her sister’s head. But Sandal has a one track mind. Gaiti says:

مجھے ہمیشہ لگا ہے کہ ہم لوگ ان سے بہتر ہیں۔

Salman refuses to help his family in the crisis. Izhar is still under enquiry and Shakera refuses to sell her jewellery. Zoobiya hears the conversation and insults him yet again saying that her family was against her marriage with Salman.

Shakera and Gul are being overdramatic about selling of their jewellery.

Ma’az is more upset now that Joya is engaged to someone else. I guess somewhere he had hopes that things would work out, that Joya would fight as bravely as she always had.

Gaiti and Sitara are waiting for Salaar. Salaar comes and announces that he is going back to his city. The conversation slowly leads to the point that Sitara tells him about their plans of nikaah between Gaiti and Khayyam. Salaar is upset and is hopeful that Gaiti and others will forgive Khayyam once he’s back. I just wanted to tell him, “don’t push it, Salaar.”

Now, we will hopefully see the face off between Salaar and Nabeel. Salaar is related to Zartaj. Didn’t you read that already? Please read here.

Ma’az runs into Joya in the market. Joya is short on money and Ma’az offers to pay. It  irks Joya and and she insists on returning the goods instead. That conversation will made me go ‘awnnn’.

تمہارے پاس میرا کچھ تو رہنے دو جویا۔
تمہاری منگنی کے لڈو بہت اچھے تھے۔
میری منگنی پر لڈو نہیں، گلاب جامن بنٹے تھے۔


What do you guys think of this episode? Please leave a comment. Don’t forget to read my review of 7th episode of Alif.

Until next review, remember in your prayers and stay blessed!

Shabana Mukhtar