Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 34 | Salaar is Back

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 34.

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Plot Summary

The history threatens to repeat itself as Dildar offers to help Gaiti Aara meet Salaar. Nageena spots the whole scene. Thankfully, Gaiti refuses to leave and sacrifice her love for sake of her mother and grandmother.

This episode has only one scene with Rabia and Khayyam but they are oh-so-cute. I felt good about Khayyam for the first time. Until now, he was sort of arrogant. Shaista treats Khayyam like shit. Rabia tries to apologize for it, but Khayyam shrugs off. Shaista continues to humiliate Khayyam. Ma’az also notices it but Shaista has turned into a mean person who doesn’t listen to anyone.

Sandal returns to attend the wedding. Just as one would expect, she acts like the obnoxious girl she is, boasting about her newly found riches and demeaning everyone else. Uff!

Zartaj and Nabeel celebrate that Salaar has left. Let’s see how long they are uncaught.

Joya visits dado, throws savage one liners at Ma’az and Shaista. She has bigger worries. Her jewellery is with Gul. Neither Salman nor Gul pick up their phones and Joya and Shakera have nothing on them to run the kitchen.

Just before nikaah, an unannounced guest makes an appearance. Salaar. And he says, “aap aisa nahin kar saktin.”

With mystery music in the background and Salaar’s claim that he loves Gaiti, the episode ends.

This episode was generally about tying all the loose ends. Most of the characters appear in this episode.

That’s the review. Excuse the typos, posted from phone.

Shabana Mukhtar