Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 36

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 36.

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Plot Summary



So, finally, Sitara Jahan is okay with Salaar. Dildar has left already, without even saying goodbye.


Chanda has disappeared. We all know what has happened to her. When Zartaj first hears about it, her first and only suspect is Nabeel.

I don’t recall if I have mentioned it already, but the character in book was named Rozi.

Zartaj accuses that Chanda has stolen a lot of jewellery from her before running away. So, she knows… She just doesn’t say it aloud, to Nabeel or to herself.

Zartaj has put two and two together. Siddiqui’s murder and Chanda’s disappearing are

Shakera has gone through so much and yet Salman’s fake depression bothers her more than Joya’s predicament.

The new advocate Sharafat Ali who has no sharafat at all.

Izhar doesn’t like Joya visiting him in jail but the reluctant father can’t help.

Joya asks Gul to pay for the new advocate’s fee.

Salaar brings Gaiti home. Nabeel doesn’t hesitate to look lecherously at Gaiti, even though Salaar is present. That man is disgusting. And, now, I think that another disgusting scene from the book will unfold soon. Argh, I don’t wike it.

Sajid is admitted because of drug overdose. Ma’az and Khayyam are worried sick. Incidentally, Salaar visits the hospital to see a colleague. We know how it is going to end.

So, Gaiti and Khayyam run into each other. Their confrontation will make you sick in the stomach. And, someone’s gonna hurt real bad.

In case you are wondering, let me clarify, that’s Russell Peter’s famous joke.

The coincidences don’t end there. Joya, who’s visiting Sajid at the hospital meets Ma’az. She has figured out why Sajid took care of her. That smile on her face tells us that things are going to be alright between them.

The episode ends as Khayyam talks to himself. Bacche ki kutt lagi hai. Ghussa to karega na.

On a closing note

That’s my take on this episode. Excuse the typos, posted from phone.

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Shabana Mukhtar