Deewar-e-Shab | Episode 38

Welcome to TOMU ‘The Other Me Unfolded’. Let’s review Deewar-e-Shab episode 38.

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Plot Summary


Gul tells Joya about (not) Sharafat Ali’s proposal. Izhar reluctantly agrees to the proposal because he doesn’t want to stay in jail any longer.

Nabeel is being Nabeel and talks shit with Gaiti Aara. I don’t know why Gaiti wouldn’t tell this to Salaar. Salaar knows about her background, right. He would straighten Nabeel in no time. I also don’t understand why Salaar doesn’t kick out Nabeel and Zartaj. It is his house.

Gaiti asks Salaar to drop the cases with respect to Siddiqui and Chanda’s death. Kyu behen?

Sandal is back from the outdoor shoot. Her movies are stalled and they have hefty bills to pay.

Sajid dies. Inspector Mansoor meets Ma’az and Salaar together and tells them that Jabar has ties with Nabeel. Hmm, let’s get that over with and soon, inspector.

Yousuf calls Islam to seek help for searching Khayyam. Bro, Khayyam is living with him. Convenient coincidences are the backbone of this story. Don’t you think?

Gaiti is Shama’s daughter. How? Nageena has twins, right?

Nabeel has planned something evil for Gaiti and her family (setting up a performance of Sandal etc to humiliate them). Yousuf gifts a huge building for Sajid Memorial School, for Feroza.

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Shabana Mukhtar