Dilruba | Episode 12 | Syed Jibran Enters With a Bang

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 12) that aired on June 13, 2020. Will Ayaz die in this episode? Let’s find out.

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Plot Summary & Review

Alright, so Asad is holding a gun on real life Asad aka Ayaz. Will he shoot? Will Ayaz die? Ayaz is forced to delete the photos. Has he really deleted ’em or just posing? I cannot say for sure but Ayaz’s expressions where that of a defeated man. Perhaps, . The guy who plays Asad is getting good work, huh?

As I had rightly anticipated, Arslan sees Asad stepping out of his house and we all know how this looks for Sanam – bad. Sanam lies that Asad came to meet Ghazala. Arslan doesn’t trust Sanam, nobody should. But, Arslan genuinely cares for Sanam, just like an older brother would. I cannot tell why that scene brought tears to my eyes. I don’t even have an older brother.

Sanam  gives birth to a baby boy – Ayan. Samia flies to London and Arslan returns to his job. Now, Ghazala is all set to find a proposal for Sanam,

Jameela – the rishta aunty brings one proposal. Enters Syed Jibran as Khurram – the ultra-rich divorced man. Oh-so-handsome!

Syed Jibran As Khurram

He has divorced because his American wife could not adjust to Pakistani atmosphere. He has two sisters – one in Australia and one in South America.

Sanam is initially against this but she meets Khurram nonetheless and Sanam blurts about Ayan. She tells him to marry someone from his class, but who can refuse to marry Sanam? By the way, I must note that this sudden change in Sanam’s behaviour is unfathomable, just saying!

Samia is still trying to convince Sabeeh but Sabeeh… No, he doesn’t cave. Similarly, Sanam is still hesitant but Ghazala has decided. We all know she would marry Khurram. The teasers showed us just as much. Who are we kidding? Why do teasers show so much of the story? Leave something for viewer’s curiosity, no?

Let’s wait till next episode to see how many tropes are pulled into this drama.

Shabana Mukhtar