Dilruba | Episode 13 | Eventful, Fast Paced and Shocking

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 13, aired on June 20, 2020) will blow your mind. I am pleasantly surprised at the sudden turn of events.

Upset by the news that Sanam might be getting married to Khurram, Sabeeh calls her. But Iram picks up her call instead and informs Sabeeh that Sanam & Khurram will be married on Friday. Iram looks so pretty.


Will Sabeeh change his mind about marrying Sanam? No, he still cannot get over Sanam’s harsh comments about him. And, as I noted in the previous episode’s review; we all know he wouldn’t marry Sanam because we have seen teasers that show Sanam and Khurram together. Aisa bhi kya!

Cut to Khurram’s bedroom. Sanam is wearing the same grey-ish dress. Seriously, ALL the brides lately wear this same colour.


Check Anaya’s bridal dress in Sabaat.


Khurram tells Sanam that he doesn’t want her past or her child be a problem between them. He has also plans for a honeymoon. How will little Ayan cope up  in this situation?He already has fever.

Shahryar Zaidi makes a brief appearance as Daniyal, Khurram’s father.

Shahryar Zaidi as Daniyal
Shahryar Zaidi as Daniyal

Sanam learns that it was Daniyal who chose Sanam; that Khurram is divorced twice already; that he has a playboy nature; that Sanam was chosen for her humble background so she wouldn’t divorce so easy.


Sanam isn’t a meek girl, so she confronts Khurram; who proudly admits to lying to her.  Sanam has met her match – because Khurram taunts her for falling for his fake dialogues.

Enters Ghana Ali, Khurram’s possessive girlfriend. Khurram married Sanam just so he gets Daniyal’s properties. I like her since Besharam and I had been wondering about her because the cast clearly mentioned Ghana Ali’s name.


Sanam returns to her maika, yells at her parents and tries to call Junaid. What good would that bring now?

Daniyal convinces Sanam and her parents to send her back by luring them to transfer property to Sanam’s name. Master stroke!

So much has happened in one episode. I need a cuppa tea to digest it all.

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Shabana Mukhtar