Dilruba | Episode 21

The latest episode of Dilruba (episode 21, aired on August 22, 2020) is here. Let’s review.

Sanam meets a divorce lawyer and her arrogance is still at peak. The divorce lawyer knows she’s dealing with a tough client.

Iram missing Sanam as she played with her son and reminisces their past. She calls Sanam again, Sanam insults her again. When will this cycle end? If my sister does this, I will never call her again, NEVER.

Junaid calls Shahnaz but Shahnaz does not listen to reasons. By the way, did you notice something? Junaid is supposed to be in Germany and all we see is a small bedroom, Junaid sitting on the bed, wearing jeans, blue t-shirt and black jacket I am sure all of his scenes are shot in a single day. Shehroz doesn’t have very many expressions.

Natasha and Khurram have a baby and now Natasha’s demands will fly through the roof. Now, Khurram’s friend and partner makes him sign some papers. We know where this is heading. There are far too many such stories where friends stab people in the back. Oh, and I was right. Farhad is  Natasha’s ploy. That’s not all. Khurram learns about it, too. 

Ayan has fever, and Sanam forced the nanny to bathe him. He’s subsequently hospitalized. Sanam’s lucky goes spiralling down – she gets divorce, Farhad is not at his house, Natasha throws her stuff out. Sanam learns about Farhad’s reality as well. Why are things so predictable? 

Sanam has nowhere to go and Ayan is in the hospital and Sanam has no money. Who would be the knight in shining armour? Sabeeh and Samia.

Ghana Ali, bravo! What a performance as a mean, manipulative woman. 

Shabana Mukhtar