Dilruba | Episode 7

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 7) that aired on May 9, 2020. This episode ends on a cliffhanger and I cannot wait for the next episode.

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Plot Summary & Review


So, Razi is married to Sanam.
Ghazala and Samia both look so beautiful, so gorgeous, more beautiful than the bride herself.
Razi also seems very happy about it. How come? Didn’t he love Zoya? By the way, it is strange that out of her three aashiqs, she is forced to marry a fourth one. I wonder when Syed Jibran will make his appearance.
Junaid’s parents are worried about Junaid. You guys don’t have to worry. The nuisance is married to someone else.
Our playgirl lies to Razi that she has always loved him.
For the first time, Arslan is seen apart from his work place and work jacket. He is pleasantly surprised to hear the news, of course.
Sabih meets a travel agent to get a ticket asap out of Pakistan. He cannot tolerate seeing Sanam as his sister-in-law, right? He returns to London. Iram and Sanam know the reason of his sudden departure but Samia and Razi have no effing clue.
Sanam calls her good-for-nothing friends and tell them about her out-of-blue marriage.


Nasreen Khala and Asad know about Sanam’s marriage and Asad doesn’t waste a minute to inform Ayaz.


Junaid insists his mother to meet Sanam’s family again. Ghazala tells her about the wedding. Junaid’s mother leaves, but not without cursing Sanam’s future.

Ayaz arrives at the reception, he’s the designated photographer. Damn! If constant chat about Sabih’s absence wasn’t enough; Ayaz’s presence makes it more awkward for her. Bad things are about to unravel, we know that for sure. The episode ends as Ayaz vows to avenge Sanam.

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