Dilruba | Episode 8

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 8) that aired on May 16, 2020. This episode ends on a cliffhanger and I cannot wait for the next episode.

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Plot Summary & Review


Sanam and Razi visit Ghazal and family. Iram informs Sanam about Junaid’s situation. Junaid’s parents, especially his mother, is super devastated.
Sanam and Razi leave for Singapore, for their honeymoon. Ghazala is now worried about Iram. She asks Hammad to get a job soon or she’ll have Iram marry someone else.
Sanam’s good-for-nothing friends inform Junaid. Junaid comes back, questions his mother and commits suicide. He’s brought to hospital just in time and is saved.
Jameel advocates that Iram should marry Sabeeh. Sabeeh refuses to come back to Pakistan and ever get marry. That’s ashiq#2.
Off to ashiq#3, Ayaz plans to share Sanam’s pictures to Razi.


Samia breaks her leg and is taken to  the same hospital. CONVENIENT. Junaid loses his mind and his mother loses her temper. Razi watches the entire confrontation unfold. What?


And now this drama has become too annoying to watch. Everyone is sulking and brooding and committing suicide.


Shabana Mukhtar