Dilruba | Episode 9 | Razi Finds Sanam’s Truth

Let’s begin the review for Dilruba’s latest episode (episode 9) that aired on May 23, 2020. This episode is so fast paced.

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Plot Summary & Review

Hammad makes his first appearance. Iram and him discuss their future, which is still not clear. I fear that Iram’s engagement will break and Iram will have to marry Sabeeh. I am not gonna like it.

Sanam and Razi are heading home. Razi still believes her, that she is perfect and it was all Junaid’s fault.

But, once they reaches home, the demons haunt Razi. He goes to Sanam’s house, goes through her stuff. He not only finds Junaid’s letters but also Sabeeh’s phone.


That’s not enough. Let’s wait for Ayaz’s photos. Wonder how he would react then.

Razi visits Junaid at the hospital and Ghazala watches him. Now, Ghazala freaks out and alerts Sanam. Razi is so devastated that he confronts Sabeeh the first chance he gets. Nabeel is quite good in all his scenes.

That’s not all. He confronts Sanam and kicks her out of his room. What?

Sanam cries once and he falls for her false tears and false promises.

Sabeeh returns and Ayaz delivers the wedding album. Razi is still double minded about trusting Sanam. The album is the last nail in the coffin. Ayaz asks for 10 lakhs to settle the matter.

Question: why did Razi talk to Ayaz? Why didn’t he leave Sanam?

Because… accident… Right before that he tells Sabeeh to NEVER.TRUST.SANAM.

Shabana Mukhtar