Drama Review | Aik Sitam Aur | ARY Digital | Episode 15

Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices And Revenge

The premise of Aik Sitam Aur, ARY Digital Drama revolves around the life struggle and tragedies of Zainab, her daughter Ushna and the spiteful behavior of her brothers Rafaqat, Shujaat, and their wives.

Written By: Rehana Aftab

Directed By: Ilyas Kashmiri

[Source: ARY Digital YouTube Channel]

Aik Sitam Aur Episode 15 Written Update & Review

Wahab and Naeema come to meet Zainab. It is evident that  


It would be unnecessary to say that Zainab isn’t happy with this proposal. Raeesa reminds Zainab that Islam encourages a widow to remarry. This is so typical.  We pick and choose only those rulings of Islam that benefit us. Tch…

Zainab calls her brothers names for bringing a proposal for her. Rafaqat and Raeesa lose their temper and almost tell Ushna about her truth. Now, Zainab  has only one option–get married lest her brothers tell Ushna that she isn’t Zainab’s biological daughter.


Siufiyan comes home and talks to Ushna. He tells Ushna to file a case against his own father. Ouch!


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