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Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices And Revenge

The premise of Aik Sitam Aur is revolving around the life struggle and tragedies of Zainab, her daughter Ushna and the spiteful behavior of her brothers Rafaqat, Shujaat, and their wives.

Written By: Rehana Aftab

Directed By: Ilyas Kashmiri

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Aik Sitam Aur Episode 43 Written Update & Review

 Aik Sitam Aur is a drama where people take turns to be negative and toxic and just downright creepy. Most of the time, the said person is from Zainab’s maika. Whether it’s Raeesa or Mehnaz, Rafaqat or Shujaat, Sadaf or Huzaifa… They have all done their fair share of shitty things to upset Ushna and Zainab. Of late Naeema has also joined this gang of villains. Naeema and Sufiyan, they are heading the team that is systematically working against Shehroz and Ushna. 

Half of this episode was Naeema just taking control of Shehroz’s life. Shehroz is upset but he has no option except agreeing to his mother. What disturbs me more is that Wahab has joined hands with Naeema against Zainab and Ushna (and by extension Shehroz). 

But that’s still not as bad as Sufiyan who is going the extra mile to make things difficult for Ushna. This time, he has met Ushna’s grandmother and asked her to meet Naeema and… 

Yep, Things don’t look good for Ushna and Zainab. I don’t even want to watch the next episode.  But I will, at least until episode 50 cuz those posts are drafted 🙂


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Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I am not sure if I have watched some other Rehana Aftab drama (I can’t even search cuz office laptop blocks many sites :D) but this was so good in the middle. Now, Shehroz and Ushna are pushed aside and psycho Sufiyan and nagging Naeema have taken the center stage.

  2. Liza Joel says:

    This drama has become the asli rehana aftab writing. I don’t understand, why did all the women in the drama have turned evil. Why are all of them so toxic?? Ishq hai was another drama but all the women were toxic from the start. This was why I was hesitant on watching another rehana aftab drama. I don’t wike it