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Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices And Revenge

The premise of Aik Sitam Aur is revolving around the life struggle and tragedies of Zainab, her daughter Ushna and the spiteful behavior of her brothers Rafaqat, Shujaat, and their wives.

Written By: Rehana Aftab

Directed By: Ilyas Kashmiri

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Aik Sitam Aur Episode 50 Written Update & Review

The first seven minutes and twenty seconds of this episode is just both mothers trying to talk sense into their kids.

Zainab tells Ushna not to bicker with Shehroz for her. Similarly, Naeema tells Shehroz not to argue with Ushna. They are both supposedly trying to save the new-found relationship between Shehroz and Ushna. Just that only one of them is sincere, and only one of them is telling the truth. Shehroz tells Naeema that he will make Ushna apologize for the supposed wrong she did. I just wonder how he would react when he finds that his mother is a plotter.

Wahab and Zainab argue as well. Then, at the breakfast table, Shehroz forces Ushna to apologize to Naeema. That escalates quickly and everyone yells, except Naeema who enjoys the whole drama unfold. 

Naeema’s next course of action is to take everything in her control again- from Wahab’s wardrobe etc to kitchen’s menu. This leaves Zainab cornered. This is working. The distance is increasing in both couples.

Sadaf hires a guy to pretend to be her boyfriend so Azhar, the sweet fiance will call off the wedding. That scene was so cliched, I don’t even want to comment on it.

Psycho Sufiyan hires someone to ruin Shehroz and his upcoming project. I wonder what he’s up to.


Shahood Alvi is so good yaar. Whether it’s the helpless father in Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi or the angsty father in Aik Sitam aur or super-loving father in Aye Musht-e-Khak or a father with greyish shades in Aakhir Kab Tak; he is always so good. 

Ayesha Gul, Rubina Ashraf, Usama Khan, Javeria Abbasi; they are all good, but Shahood Alvi always is the best. Anmol Baloch is unconvincing, and Maria’s whispering intead of saying her lines is just annoying. Their acting is the only weakling in this drama. Rest everyone is doing a great job with their role. 


Is it just me or does Srha Asghar look thinner with every episode? 

This drama is a prime example of “going downhill”. It started on such a high note. An enemies to lovers romance laced with sibling tiff and typical nand-bhawaj rivalry. The promos had showed the lead bickering constantly. 

While Ushna and Shehroz’s relationship is still a treat to watch, the subplots around the romance got from okay to bad to worse. I mean, just recall how many trials and tribulations this story has gone through.

  1. Rafaqat, Raeesa, Mehnaz, all were bad guys. Sadaf was also mean. Shujaat and Huzaifa were neutral of sorts.
  2. Shujaat turned evil against Rafaqat, and Rafaqat got better as he faced one challenge after the other.
  3. Sadaf turned more evil, Huzaifa became downright nasty, and Sufiyan became a psycho.
  4. After being through some troughs and peaks, even Raeesa is now a bit on the mellow side.
  5. If psycho Sufiyan wasn’t enough, nagging Naeema was the most unwelcome twist. I hadn’t expected her to turn evil. She’s a woman on purpose-to evict the women she chose to be her sautan, and to be rid of the girl who she loved in first sight as her daughter-in-law. Itna drastic change? Itni toxicity?
  6. And then whining Wahab just put the last nail in the coffin. Kitna complaint karta hai yeh?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, this shows the conflicts of the story, but isn’t it getting too much? I have had enough.

This episode was so bleh. I was fearing that episode 50 might force me to watch more episodes, but I am kinda sorta glad that it didn’t. Haha. I have a big announcement coming up on July 1, so stay tuned for that.

Alright, peace out. I officially abandon Aik Sitam Aur (I informally abandoned Ibn-e-Hawwa).


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Shabana Mukhtar