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Aik Sitam Aur | Sacrifices And Revenge

The premise of Aik Sitam Aur is revolving around the life struggle and tragedies of Zainab, her daughter Ushna and the spiteful behavior of her brothers Rafaqat, Shujaat, and their wives.

Written By: Rehana Aftab

Directed By: Ilyas Kashmiri

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Aik Sitam Aur Episode 7 Written Update & Review

 Zunaisha leaves Naeema alone and goes home. Later, Naeema’s condition gets serious. Shehroz loses his temper and snaps at Zunaisha. This doesn’t go well with Zunaisha. She might think that Shehroz is a mama’s boy. And she won’t be wrong. haha.

Life for Zainab and Ushna is getting from bad to worse to downright awful. First, Sadaf accuses Ushna of flirting with Huzaifa which creates a ruckus. Shujaat is the only one who has some decency left in him. He scolds Mehnaz for embroiling Ushna into a scandal. 


Later, Sufiyan and Huzaifa to head to head. Much later, Sufiyan tells his parents that he wants to marry Ushna. They are like: no chance. 


“I won’t marry anyone, ever,” Sufiyan threatens and leaves.


Ayesha isn’t done with Ushna yet. She asks her to go and pay the electricity bill. Ushna hasn’t done this before but she takes up the task as a challenge. And there she runs into the handsome arrogant man. Shehroz sees Ushna at the tail of the queue and offers to help but our khuddar heroine refuses. I am beginning to love Shehroz. His only problem is that he is short tempered. But he’s a nice guy. Ushna, however, is unnecessarily arrogant. And she doesn’t have any moment of kindness for Shehroz. I admire if the heroine fights the hero for what is right. I don’t like it of she’s fighting just for the heck of it. That said, if I were her, I wouldn’t have given my money to anyone else to pay the bill. 


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Shabana Mukhtar