Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 10

Badshah Begum Episode 9 Recap

  • Jahan Ara is bit by a snake that Hakim Bi has intentionally released for the very reason that Shah Mir should not be able to deliver his sermon.
  • Shahzeb takes Jahan Ara to the hospitaliz against the haveli traditions.
  • In Jahan Ara’s absence, Roshan Ara is forced to pretend to be Badshah Begum.

Badshah Begum Episode 10 Written Update and Review

Qaisar sows the first seed of doubt

So, in the previous episode, Qaisar comes to meet Shah Alam and Shah Mir. Knowing Qaisar, we all know his unannounced and unwelcomed visit has a purpose. And it has. Just before leaving, he casually remarks that this isn’t the season for snakes to be out and about. He also prays for Jahan Ara’s speedy recovery. This subtle hint is enough to sow a seed of doubt in

Shahzeb and his “behen”

Since Shahzeb is the one who brought Jahan Ara to the hospital, he is anxiously, and rather rudely if I might add, asking the doctors to do something for “meri behen”. I liked how concerned he was. He might have had his differences with Shah Alam and his three kids, but for now, he is only thinking like an older brother. I liked this scene. Needless to say, I ogled at Farhan all this while. Banda kamaal hai!

Bakhtiar runs away

Bakhtiar gets a chance to untie himself and run away, so he does, only to be chased by Shahzeb’s men. The chase is long and tiring, from daylight until the night sets. And, then he is captured again.

My immediate question was: itni bhag daur ka kya fayeda?

Anywho! At least he tried. Our hero has guts.

Roshan Ara’s dilemma: To BB or not to BB

Clever, isn’t it?

So, Roshan Ara is befuddled with the new forced duties of being a Badshah Begum. She has always been ignored, and this is the first time she is getting attention. Let’s all be honest: we all seek attention, and Roshan Ara is no different. Now that she is getting attention, she still doesn’t seem happy. Hakim Bi tells her that being Badshah Begum isn’t temporary.

“Badshah Begum banne ki tayari kar lo, Roshan Ara. Jahan Ara nahin bachegi.”

We also see Rohan Ara praying self-admittedly the first time since her mother passed away.

Was she crying? Was she praying for Jahan Ara’s life or death? Does she want to be the next Badshah Begum instead of Jahan Ara? Whether she was crying because of happiness or sadness, that remains to be seen. My analysis says that she was praying for her sister’s life. I could be wrong, but we will know in next episode.

Shahzeb “knows”

After Jahan Ara regains conciousness, Shahzeb talks to her. And the conversation subtly hints that Shahzeb knew the snake was released on purpose. He even praises Jahan Ara to be the perfect choice for Badshah Begum.

“I don’t have any objections on you being Badshah Begum, and I have also let go of Bakhtiar, but only as long as he keeps away from Piranpur,” Shahzeb says.

Now, the question is, will Jahan Ara be able to stay away from Bakhtiar?

Gulnar is “ruined”

Gulnar is bringing dinner for Hakim Bi when Murad stops her. Gulnar resists Murad’s advances with all her might, only to be interrupted by Hakim Bi. Gulnar is hopeful, but then Hakim Bi shuts the door, and takes her food tray with her.

This was the most shocking scene of the episode. I knew Hakim Bi is cunniving but I hadn’t expected her to go this far.

What happens next was expected, and thankfully the director chose to not go into the gory details of the “act” itself. Although I feel Gulnar’s pain, I was glad that it was done tastefully.

Later, Hakim Bi tells Gulnar to keep her mouth shut. Devastated Gulnar can think of only one thing–suicide.

“Maut hai to maut hi sahi,” she tells herself.

She tells her fiance Tara, and he is now thinking of a way to get back at Murad. And, then he finds an ally in Murad’s enemy Qaisar.

Qaisar’s words “doston ko gale lagate hain” didn’t leave a good impression on me.

Will Qaisar help Gulnar or just take advantage of her? With that question, I take your leave.


This hand-picked cast is excellent, but Hibba Aziz steals the show in this episode. I could feel her pain and her angst, whether it was her fighting Murad, or when she was weeping alone or when she told Tara; she aced all her scenes. So so good, and so pretty she is.

I also liked Komal. In both of her scenes, she not only looks ravishing, but also aces the scenes. You feel her presence in your skin.

Hamza Sohail’s performance is also noteworthy. His voice is so impressive. And then, you all know my admiration for Farhan Saeed. Even Saman Ansari wasn’t overdoing it in this episode. Performance wise, this episode is 10/10. Even story wise, this episode is 10/10.


I loved all the little montage where all the key players were shown one after the other until Jahan Ara opens her eyes. This episode didn’t have any visually grim scene, so I wasn’t put off much. What happened to Gulnar is disturbing, but I’m glad that they didn’t show anything on screen. I would have left Badshah Begum for sure this time. Phew! Close save.

But, I also know that it is about to get crazy in the next episode. Murad’s character is bat shit crazy, and he is slowly becoming more important in the overall scheme of things. Let’s see. One more grim scene and I’m done with Badshah Begum.


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