Drama Review | Badshah Begum | Episode 29

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Badshah Begum Episode 28 Recap

So, Pir Shahmir had such high expectations from the people of Piranpur but they disappointed him, Badshah Begum and honestly all of us.

Badshah Begum Episode 29 Written Update and Review

This drama has always been too gruesome to watch. With every passing episode, it is becoming is too painful to watch. And, to be honest, it is also becoming more repetitive and less interesting.
With that preamble, let’s quickly recap the episode.
  1. Pir Shahmir dies.
  2. Roshan Ara proudly tells Shah Alam that she is responsible for Pir Shahmir’s death.
  3. Shah Alam loses his life, too.
  4. Jahan Ara loses the two people she loved the most, so she loses her sanity.
  5. Qaiser tries to stop the burial of Pir Shahmir and Pir Shah Alam. One little speech from Pir Shahzeb fixes that. I don’t know how often Qaiser will be defeated by Pir Shahzeb.
  6. Hakim Bi orders Qaiser to torch the whole village of Piranpur. Pir Shahzeb isn’t happy about this. He has genuinely concerns about the village and the villagers. He knows that only one person can save this–Badshah Begum.
  7. Jahan Ara is too hurt and pained and vulnerable to let things pass and forgive the villagers. She refuses Pir Shahzeb’s plea. It’s time to pull the big gun.
  8. Bakhtiyar takes on the responsibility of talking to Jahan Ara. Again, the same argument-counter-argument, shouting and yelling takes place. But this time, Jahan Ara concedes. Behen, apne bhai ki baat maan leti.
  9. Roshan Ara now hears Pir Shahmir’s voice at night. I’m sure she will lose her mind–for sure. I mean, unlike Jahan Ara who is only temporarily upset and will finally regain her composure (I HOPE), Roshan Ara will probably become paranoid and schizophrenic.
  10. Jahan Ara wants out, but Pir Shahzeb advises against it. I don’t know if Jahan Ara will listen to reason, though.

And that’s the episode.



A few things were quite convenient, and many possible gruesome scenes were edited nicely to NOT freak me out. I liked the episode, except for the loud voices and repetition. Will this be over anytime soon or go on and on like GOT?


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Shabana Mukhtar