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About Badzaat

The story revolves around a big joint family where certain complicated familial ties leave everyone jealous and insecure about their lives due to egos & unsettled conflicts of the past. Wali is a handsome young man who is known for his rude and arrogant behaviour. After learning his lesson early on in his life, Wali values and cares about honour a lot. Rather than seeing things in grey, Wali is accustomed to perceiving things either in black or white. Wali’s cousin and competitor, Daniyal is jealous of Wali’s persona and leaves no opportunity to defame or ridicule him. On the other hand, Anabia is an obedient and disciplined young girl who along with her mother travels to attend the wedding of one of their distant relatives. One unfortunate incident changes the course of Wali, Daniyal and Anabia’s life forever. Daniyal’s approach towards Anabia drastically impacts her life and soon Daniyal’s growing aggression begins to bother Wali who develops a soft corner for Anabia. Will Wali find the courage to stand up for Anabia and her rights or will he continue to live with regrets?


Written By: Misbah Nosheen

Directed By: Siraj ul Haq

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast & Characters

Imran Ashraf as Wali Asfand

The protagonist, the angry young man. Too loud and too angsty for my liking. Look at his expression–that tells a lot about his character

Urwa Hocane as Anabiya

Heroine, too tame and plain for my liking

Ali Abbas As Danyal

Wali’s cousin, and kinda antagonist

Mehmood Aslam as Akber Hussain

Daniyal’s father

Saba Faisal as Laila Begum

Wali’s mother; a singer/dancer of yester-years and that’s the reason Wali is how he is, apparently

Nida Mumtaz as Narmeen Begum

Wali’s aunt, Akbar’s wife

Zainab Qayyum as Mehrunisa Begum

Anabiya’s mother, she is from a modest background

Sidra Niazi as Qandeel

Wali’s cousin

Zoya Nasir as Ainy

Wali’s sister. She is a model and actor, which pisses off Wali.

Sajida Syed as Mehwish Begum

Wali’s foster mother

Zohreh Amir as Huda

Wali’s cousin, Danyal’s fiancee

Danial Afzal as Kashif


Ayesha Mirza as Shahida


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