Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 23

Badzaat Episode 23 Written Update and Review

This review is a day late, so let’s quickly cover the ground. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Biya spots Raju with Akbar Hussain, the guy who had kidnapped her, the guy who Akbar Hussain has hired to look into Biya’s kidnapping matter. Irony? Poh!
  • Wali’s dholki is taking place. Biya does Wali’s surma rasam (whatever that is). I don’t understand why did Wali make a big fuss of this siutation. Ek rasam hai, kar lo bhai.
  • Ainy comes to meet Laila. It is the first time Laila hears about
  • Shaheda, Qandeel’s saas is constantly nagging Mehwish Begum to bring baraat early, lest they think of something else. Aunties like her are the main culprit of our societies. Rai ka pahar banana koi in se seekhe.
  • Biya sees Raju talking to Daniyal. How does Raju know Daniyal? Her confusion leads to unconciousness, and then hospitalization, and then miscarriage. This is a reason of celebration for Narmeen and Daniyal.


I will save the review for episode 24’s review. See you soon.


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Shabana Mukhtar