Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 25

Badzaat Episode 24 Recap

Biya sees Raju, her kidnapper talking to Daniyal, she faints and is taken to the hospital. The inevitable predictable plot turn happens-Biya has a miscarriage.

On the other hand, Wali’s baraat is late, so late that the girl’s mother decided to marry the bride off to another guy. Dayam, burn, burn, burn.


Badzaat Episode 25 Written Update and Review

This episode can be summarized like below.

  1. Wali is at the hospital looking after Biya. Mehwish Begum and Daniyal come to the hospital, and Mehwish Begum slaps Wali, HARD.
  2. Loud music goes in the background for two minutes as their conversation happens and rest of the scene finishes.
  3. Daniyal comes to see Biya. Biya knows that her kidnapping was Daniyal’s doing. “Don’t do this, for sake of our child,” she says. Daniyal is like: Ummm, it’s no more.
  4. Loud music goes in the background for two minutes as Daniyal  calls for the staff and they give an injection to Biya.
  5. Narmeen talks to Wali, tries to be sympathetic to him, but Wali knows better.
  6. Loud music goes in the background for two minutes as their conversation happens and Narmeen walks back into the house while Wali watches.
  7. Mehrunnisa calls Biya, the mother-daughter talk. Loud music goes in the background for two minutes as they talk.
  8. My ears start to bleed.
  9. My head starts to pound.
  10. My heartbeat increased.
  11. My blood boils.
  12. I want to kill someone.
  13. They should have instead played Wajhi Farooki’s “Mujhe Tum Abhi Bhi Pasand Ho”. It is getting old and repetitive, but at least it is melodious and good to listen to.



I might hate what Daniyal is doing to Biya, or what he is doing to Ainy, or what he is plotting against Wali, but Wali is no saint here. He has eyes for his sister-in-law, and that’s creepy AF. No matter how much you love someone, you can get over it, at least when the said someone is your bhabhi. And this makes me wonder-where are we going with our dramas?

There are dramas where two sisters go after the same man (Mere Harjai, Madiha Maliha come to mind right now, but there are many, MANY) .

There are dramas where behnoi can’t stop thinking about his saali (Tootey Huwe Par).

There are dramas where a sasur lusts after his bahu (Pyaar Ke Sadqay, remember that?) At least, in this one, Sarwar who “wanted” Mahjabeen was shown in a bad light.

And then there is Badzaat. Here, Wali is helplessly drawn to Biya, and he is the freaking HERO.

What are we doing? Why can’t we think of better stories?

I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I don’t want to watch this drama. I know, I said this once when Daniyal raped Biya, but I had my reasons to resume watching this shit (primary reason being drafted posts for 26 episodes). Now, tonight if I watch and review Badzaat episode 26, my drafts will be done with.

I no longer need to this drama after that.


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar