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Badzaat Episode 43 Recap

I haven’t seen a single episode of Badzaat since episode 26, so I don’t really have enough details to recap, but since YouTube prompted me wo watch the last episode, I was like, why not?

Badzaat Episode 44 Finale Episode Written Update and Review

So, the happy family is gathered around Daniyal who is gladly getting ready for his baraat. He looks happy and content. Did he change his ways? I doubt, because his wasn’t a character that could ever redeem itself. Pathetic he was!

Mehwish Begum gets up and announces that she is getting Wali and Biya for the baraat. They are married now. I don’t know yet when they got married and how, but I will get to that later. What matters is, that they are married. Good riddance. They really couldn’t control themselves. It is good that they are together now.

Of course, Daniyal still can’t tolerate any mention of  Wali and Biya (He hasn’t changed guys. I told you, he could never change). He starts to bicker again. Long story short, everyone gathers and steps out to go to Huda’s place. Biya and Wali also step out of their rooms. But, wait… There is someone to stop Daniyal from getting married.

Ainee, that’s who.



Daniyal has used Ainee to get back at Wali. Ainee was just a pawn for Daniyal, and the latter had no intention of marrying Ainee. Ainee being a headstrong, egoistic and stubborn person that she is, can’t handle this rejection. She reaches Daniyal’s home just in time, makes him admit to what he has done and then shoots him.

Daniyal dies on the spot. Oh, I meant to add SPOILER ALERT.

Everybody cries. Some of us enjoy (read: me, me, me)

Then, we see Ainee in jail, and she has turned into a manequin who doesn’t respond, AT ALL. Zoya Nasir does well for her part. She has lost weight, but she has lost too much weight, yaar. Ekdum lukdi/patli dikhti hai ab.

Laila Begum losing her mind that she lost her kids because of her greed for success and monies. That was quite painful to watch. I mean, Saba Faisal is a fine actor but she went overboard just a little while doing this scene. 



Wali and Biya are happy together. Except that Wali doesn’t listen to Biya if she advocates for Laila Begum. This time, though, Biya convinces Wali, and the story ends.



A writer aches to write these two magical words at the end of a story. Although this wasn’t my story, this was my version of Badzaat, in my own words. So, I’m happy that the story finally ends.




As I promised in Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 25, episode 26’s review was going to be my last review for Badzaat, unless I lose my mind and decide to watch this again. But, like I said, YouTube knew that I have come back after a hiatus, and that I haven’t watched the last episode of Badzaat. Thank goodness it didn’t ask me to start watching from episode 27, haha.  

This is one of the worst dramas I have ever watched. The only good thing about this drama is Imran Ashraf’s acting, even though his character Wali is so messed up. The tohrr good thing is Wajhi Farooki’s “Mujhe Tum Abhi Bhi Pasand Ho”.

Talking of Wali, I am surprised that Imran Ashraf chose this script. Wali is such a messed up character. Despite knowing that Biya is out of his reach, that Biya is married to his cousin, he has strong, very strong feelings for Biya. He vows to help Biya no matter what. He decides to meet and talk to Biya even though Daniyal asks him to stay away. Not that Daniyal was a saint.

As for Daniyal, he is one of the most horrible characters I have ever seen on screen. I can’t say if I agree with Ali Abbas’ drama choices. Lately, I saw him do the crappiest roles.

  • Ghisi Piti Mohabbat where he played Basharat. He was such a weirdo who left his wife to marry his bhabhi
  • Kahin Deep Jaley where he played a loving-brother who changed after marrying a witch.
  • Wafa Be Mol in which he played a kanon ka kachha shakki husband (I haven’t review this soap, but I have watched it in bits and parts)
  • Zain in Angna Zain was such a mama’s boy, and the whole story of Zain and Eshal revolved around the fact that Zain was a puppet in Saira’s hands. True, he does redeem himself towards the very end of this soap, but boy was he a problematic man. He yelled at and slapped Eshal for no reason. He was… Let’s just say he was not a good man, and Ali has been playing such roles for long. 

As an actor, shouldn’t he experiment more? I know he aces the negatives characters, but he should do some positive roles as well.

I am also shocked by Urwa’s choices of late. The last drama I saw her in, was Amanat. She played a damsel in distress who couldn’t take a stand for herself and she forgave the moron husband of hers. Similarly, Biya in Badzaat was a simpleton who would take all the shit that Daniyal had to throw her way. She still had feelings for Wali, she would still run to Wali for every little problem. Don’t get me wrong. She looks pretty and she acts well. But the character is so meek and bleh that I could never sympathize with Biya.

Mehmood Aslam, Nida Mumtaz and Saba Faisal, all are veterans, but sometimes bordered on hamming in this drama. I guess their roles demanded it.

Anywho! Thank goodness it is over. Enough bickering. Let’s get back to life. 



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